Core Change Consulting offers a range of leadership, team and organisational change consulting services, including full circle human capital management solutions and accompanying business intelligence.


Measurement Metrics and Benchmarking Service – to show gaps and business areas requiring development.

Change Management

Ensuring that any organisational transformation event, process, strategy, system or structure change occurs seamlessly and successfully for you and your teams.

Organisational Design

Ensuring that your Organisational Design, meets the strategic and structural design objectives required for optimal growth and efficiency.

Cultural Transformation

Ensuring that any Cultural Transformation is efficiently blended and embedded with your people, team and organisational required consciousness.


Specialists and subject matter expertise can be deployed at short notice to assist your management or staff with mergers, turn-arounds and specialist skills needs to ensure successful transformation of your organisation.

Change Adoption

To ensure that the time, resource and investment made in any large-scale change initiative, is maintained, requires the incorporation of a strategic change adoption process.

Change Sustainability

Ensuring that change has been successfully adopted, is just the first step, in a two-step phase of ensuring long-term sustainability through change inculcated systems, processes and procedures.

Leadership Alignment

Finding out how you lead, and how your leadership and team’s consciousness, lends itself to the fulfilment of organisational objectives.  You will wonder no more, you will know…

Management Alignment

Finding out how you manage and lead, and how your leadership and team’s consciousness, lends itself to the fulfilment of organisational objectives.


Organisational Mood Monitoring, Managing and Improving your Personnel Wellness, Motivation, Team Cohesiveness and Performance Improvement.

People & Team Performance

Monitoring, Measuring, Managing and Improving your Individual and Team Performance, through training, mentoring and the experiential Core Change Process©.

Mentoring, Coaching & Training

Our senior consultants can also assist in Mentoring, Coaching and Training your staff for personal, professional and team improvement.


Seamless cloud-based Performance Management, eLearning and Succession Planning systems and processes.