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An organization’s ability to learn, and to translate that learning into action, remains the ultimate competitive advantage.’ Jack Welch

Core Coaching for Change©

We have an advanced system of module scheduled, drip-feed coaching and mentoring which allows for staff to develop at their own pace, with multiple-level collaborative feedback and in the direction of choice across a broad range of both Personal and Organisational Development areas.

These are internally-lead Core Coaching groups and teams, guided by a Core Change Facilitator© where group participants are encouraged to learn, share and build their skills within a collaborative team setting where constructive feedback from various sources is welcomed and encouraged.

An external highly experienced Core Change Facilitator© will guide and facilitate each session, but further to this it is the dynamic of the direct involvement and ongoing feedback of all team participants that define the co-learning, co-sharing, team-building and skills development in this unique Core Coaching for Change© approach.

This is applied in two ways: 1) for Personal Development and 2) Organisational Development.

Developing Personal Development skills is integral to the creation of a mature, skilled, well-balanced and productive workforce, and remains a vitally important component of culture integration and staff efficiencies, for a relatively minor investment in regards to your long-term ROI.

Organisational Development takes place across all areas requiring critical organizational change, development and integration of learning including all aspect of the 3Ps: people, process, product.


The Core Coaching for Change© Approach

Core Coaching for Change© has a unique offering to set your learning organisation apart from the rest in efficient and cost effective levels.

Using the method of Personal and Organisational module-scheduled drip-feed education (staggered and regularly repeated and re-enforced – learnt, practiced, shared and repeated) helps to instil new personal and organisational skills embedded deeply into the heartbeat of your organisation (your people).

The problem: Traditional one-time skills workshops and courses can be effective in the once-off short term and even great fun! Unfortunately participants ultimately return to their usual everyday work schedule, and much of the newly learnt material is quickly forgotten, and remains unintegrated. This is because ongoing practice, co-learning and co-sharing and integration for embedded effect, is not part of this traditional one-time workshop or program format.

Core Coaching for Change© offers an effective and affordable solution to this problem.

Regular in-house coaching cycles with regular co-learning, co-sharing, interaction, feedback and re-enforcement (repetition) of these newly learnt patterns, skills and conscious learning do away with this problem. All learning becomes consciously learnt and unconsciously embedded.

The Core Change Approach:

  • Groups are usually between 8 – 12 members strong, usually from the same (or similar) departmental area (but not necessarily), and may vary in size dependent on your organisational structure.
  • If larger groups of participants are required for practical purposes by your company, a Core Transformational Facilitation Team© may be introduced, whereby more than one experienced Core Change Facilitator (perhaps with different coaching specialisations) assists with the roll-out of the coaching approach.
  • Our Core Change Facilitator© is appointed and introduced to the team, and will now begin to facilitate your staffs understanding of these unique methods of co-learning, co-sharing and integration of learning through team collaboration.
  • Team members will meet at regular intervals and will co-learn and co-share their learning experiences in this dynamic team format, whereby new modules and new content is gradually and progressively introduced in manageable format, over the scheduled period of time, and as allocated by you.
  • Team members are encouraged by the Core Change Facilitator© to continually give group feedback, suggestions and support to each member of the team, multiplying the value of the experiential learning and feedback shared.
  • The frequency of meetings, and the duration of the interim, project-based or long-term requirement is dependent on your specific organisational needs.
  • Modules and levels of content difficulty is incrementally introduced as the team members become ready to explore new and deeper levels of understanding.
  • Note: This is always guided by your unique organisational (system, process, procedure) needs or your staff (personal development) needs and the unique developmental style and pace of your own staff members.
  • You can also arrange with Core Change to mentor and coach one of your own internal staff members into this role for long-term integration with your own particular process and culture needs:
  • For Personal Development: Individuals can work specifically around developing personal growth areas – Conflict Management, Time Management, Facilitation skills, Goal-Setting, Listening skills, Coaching skills and so on for Personal Improvement.
  • For Organisational Development: Individuals can also work specifically with process, system, procedure or product embedded re-enforcement in areas across new system, product or culture change, such as ERPM, SAP, HRM, Sales and Marketing functions and more. Please take a look at our comprehensive list of modules and topics here.
  • Important: This approach is highly effective in ensuring long-term retention and active use of new-system applications, that in many instances would traditionally be labelled as ‘failed initiatives’ due to lack of learning organisation sustainability.
  • Value Add: Content modules can also be a) modified, or b) custom developed for your particular organisational requirement, and required project roll-out period.
    • Core Change has already done this to good effect in ERPM, HRM, Sales, Marketing and SAP-related new-system learning environments, across the following industry sectors: finance and banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, NGO, governmental and others.

* Click on this link now! for a more detailed view of both our Personal and Organisational coaching modules and courses available.

This steady, self-paced, repeatable and structured process allows for deep integration of the skills learnt. Further and importantly, this unique and affordable approach will go a long way to creating a) a culture of learning, growth and collaboration, and b) a sustainable and ongoing learning culture in your organisational environment.

This personal or organisational development takes place in a supportive, safe and encouraging environment as created by a highly experienced Core Change Facilitator©.

Value Add: These benefits will continually translate into long-term value adding benefit for the individual and your organisation because these employees can now use the new skills learnt, practiced and embedded matter-of-factly when interacting with all stakeholder groups – other employees, your clients and your customers.

Please see below for the Core Coaching for Change© list of modules that are available to the coached teams for self and co-facilitated study, learning and collaboration, as led by an experienced facilitator.


Core Coaching for Change© has a more extensive list of modules on offer, and can tailor modular requirements, which can be made available on request.

Core Mentorship for Change©

Core Change also has a unique one-to-one mentorship approach which may be of interest to select members of your team, who require in-depth or highly specialised learning and embedding around all aspects of middle to senior level team management and leadership, preparation for promotion, board-member preparation and related.

Core Change specializes in senior-level Organisational change and has not only a wealth of experience in this area, but also a phenomenal team of senior Core Transformational Team© members who are ready to assist with your specific requirement for senior expertise.

Let us know what your coaching requirements are at and we will compile a Core Coaching for Change© Approach to best facilitate your staff development needs.