About Us

spiral 9At Core Change we believe in the ultimate truism expressed by none other than Albert Einstein:

“No problem is solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

If you really want to change we believe you don’t only need to think ‘outside the box’, bu in fact create your very own and personal (new) consciousness.. you will need to create an entirely new ‘box without boundaries’, which requires ‘solution-bridging’ to get you to exactly where you need to go…

Core Change Consulting looks forward to joining you and the people who make you whole, on this most exciting journey of change through conscious transformation.

‘Cultural Transformation’… the glue that sticks.. or peels.. depending on the application…

There are four most critical aspects of creating Cultural Transformation and Change that will stick. We review these mission-critical areas here:

  • Whole System Change (review and alignment of the aspects, divisions and departments, but always in relation to the Whole Value System). In order for Whole System Cultural Change to occur, change needs to take place across all four aspects of the change perspective, according to Ken Wilbur, A Brief History of Everything, 1996. These four aspects are as follows:
    • a) The perspective as viewed from inside a person – personal belief and values,
    • b) The perspective as viewed from outside the person personal actions and behaviours,
    • c) The perspective as viewed from inside a collective – cultural values and beliefs, and
    • d) The perspective as viewed from outside a collective – social structures, systems, actions and behaviours.

Core Change Consulting will use sophisticated assessment tools to measure and monitor the current status of all of these levels of perception and activity/inactivity within your organisation from the outset of our engagement.

  • Organisational Consciousness (ensuring that ‘as a whole’, the shifts in transformation and consciousness are experienced by all facets, departments and individuals of the organisation – experientially.)

In order to ensure that all perspectives are wholistically and accurately reviewed and monitored, Core Change Consulting, will then use the Organisational Consciousness barometer, as developed by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and adapted by Richard Barrett, The Values Centre, to ensure that your organisational consciousness (in its totality) is heading your business in the same direction as your strategic intent.

This model applies to all types of organisations—corporations, government departments, municipal agencies, institutions, non‐governmental organisations (NGO), and educational establishments. The approach will measure an organisation’s focus across a) Employee Motivation, b) Cultural Cohesiveness, c) Leadership and Management Style, and d) Stakeholder Focus, for the following levels of Organisational Consciousness (from most to least representative):

one Profit & Shareholder Value: Creating an environment of financial stability, focusing on health, safety and welfare of all employees while reducing excessive control, short‐term focus, greed and  exploitation.

twoSupportive Relationship Building: Building  harmonious relationships that create belonging, loyalty and connection among employees, the organisation and its customers, while reducing internal competition, manipulation and politics.

threeHigh Performance Systems & Processes: Creating employee pride by establishing policies, procedures, processes and structures that enhance organisational performance while reducing bureaucracy, silo‐mentality and status seeking arrogance or complacency.

fourTransformation Adaptability: Giving employees a voice and making them accountable for their own futures in an environment that supports innovation, continuous improvement and knowledge sharing.

fiveCultural Cohesion: Enhancing the organisation’s capacity for collective action by aligning employee motivations around a singular mission, vision and a shared set of values that create commitment, passion and integrity.

six Strategic Alliances & Partnerships: Building mutually beneficial alliances with other organisations and local community to protect the environment, while deepening the level of internal cohesion & connectivity.

sevenSocial Service as Responsibility: Working with other organisations and the stakeholders of the organisation in pursuit of broad-reaching societal objectives that enhance the sustainability of humanity and the planet, while deepening the level of internal connectivity.

In order to ensure Organisational Alignment across all aspects, including, but not limited to the following: 

a) Values & Culture (organisational design), b) Vision and Brand-to-Culture Fit (business strategy alignment), and c) Structural and Operational Alignment (infrastructural alignment), sophisticated measurement metrics and bench-marking are undertaken, to ensure that the organisational ‘glue applied will indeed stick’ in the long-term.

eight Experiential Learning: This is all underpinned, by the truly unique Core Change approach to all change: Experiential KnowingOur underlying philosophy, based on our copy-written and unique approach to change ensures, that for any value, belief or behaviour to become truly embedded, it needs to be assimilated consciously and subconsciously, and this can only happen through deep experiential transformation as practised across the in-house developed suite of Core Change Consulting tools and techniques, that have been distilled into the highly effective Core Change Process©, for optimal organisational transformation and the depth, reach and sustainability that such deep-reaching change, implies.